Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boobear and the Bunnies - Part 1.

Once upon a time, when dogs can walk in 2 feet and mouse could talk. In the park near the Lake of Smiles, live a family of bears. 

Every morning PapaBear would go into the jungle to meet his friends, the MiniMoose, the NoisyHippo and DizzySnake. They would go around the jungle, helping other weaker animals. MamaBear would go around the park looking for fruits and flowers. BrotherBear would go out with PapaBear hoping to grow up as strong and brave as his dad. Each day in the morning, every member of the Bear family go out with a smiling face, looking forward to a new day. Everyone but one bear. The youngest bear in the family, BooBear. You see, BooBear wasn't just any ordinary bear. He doesn't have the same strong eyes like his dad nor his mum's lovely smile. He doesn't even talk like his brother. Worst of all, he is blue. Even with the difference, PapaBear and MamaBear loves BooBear as much as they love BrotherBear. But it's the love that they had for BooBear that are keeping him in the house all this years. Worrying that BooBear might be sad over the fact that he is weird, they kept him from going outside of the house, telling him that it's normal for a young bear to look..Blue. 

It was another beautiful morning when BooBear were waken by a loud knocking sound. Slowly, he stand on his blue feet and walk out of his room. No one were at home, as usual. MamaBear should be back anytime now with breakfast. " Bamp !! " the sound was heard again, louder this time. BooBear couldn't help wondering if there could be someone out there. MamaBear always tell him that there is nothing but jungle out there, filled with bear eating insects. Giant insects. Insects with size as big as the hut they are living in. " Bamp !! " it sounds like someone is cutting a tree or something. Could it be a giant insect ? BooBear's is afraid, but his curiosity increased each time his heart beats.